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Our Business Plan and Mission

Charm City Housing LLC (CCH) was formed in 2006 to purchase vacant residential buildings in Baltimore, fix them up and rent them out. CCH currently leases 55 buildings in Baltimore City, with a rent roll exceeding $1,000,000 per year. CCH’s business flourished in Baltimore due to the low price of vacant housing stock and core tenant demand, enabling rents that can achieve an immediate return of 10% or more. Baltimore is a center for higher education, transportation, hospitals, subsidized tenant populations including veterans, and proximity to Washington D.C. for commuters.

CCH has complete vertical command of all aspects of the housing rehabilitation business in Baltimore. Our C.O.O., who lives in the heart of our largest concentration of homes, is an expert builder of luxury housing, with over 40 years experience. Our office phone rings all day with prospective tenants who only want to live in CCH houses. We have formed special relationships with private organizations needing housing for their clients. We are expert in selecting low priced, attractive, vacant houses on desirable blocks where our tenants like to live.

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